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This is an outrageous travel community
Psss, pumpkin..
We are something better than "like a local" or a usual travel guide ;D
Free. No ads. Only true content.

We dare exploring unknown regions ourselves and share our best findings with like-minded people. Be a part of a special nontrivial authentic travel club:
  1. Only non-touristic places and lifehacks for saving your budget
  2. We manually check every dropped PIN. Only mindblowing quality stuff;
  3. Get your pals and friends in here and check what they have traveled through;
  4. We have Clans - archetypes of travelers. So, who are you? Wolf, Alpaca or Pigeon?
  5. Our BIG MISSION is to help poor remote areas of the world, explore them and create new traveling style with a volunteering helpboard.
Let me ask you a question:
  1. Would you ditch the five-star resorts for deep-lost villages in Amazonia in a heartbeat?
  2. Are you more curious about reindeer herds in Arctic Siberia or abandoned temples in Cambodia than package tours trudging to the crowded landmarks?
  3. Would you rather camp in The Land of Fire in Argentina by yourself than camp at the all-inclusive bar of some fancy five-star resort?
  4. Are you courageous enough to pass the Darien Gap between Panama & Colombia?
If yes then you are already a part of out freaking community.

Peace 'n' love we want,
peace 'n' love we'll get.